Where do we go from here?

By now, we have all raided our refrigerators, cleaned the closets, figured out Zoom meetings and discovered new ways to shift to an all-digital world. Now what?

At Richeson Communications, we remain at 100 percent capacity to support clients. Working remotely for more than a decade makes for a nearly seamless transition to the work-from-home era now standard practice for most companies. All the tools are in place to promote and protect our clients. Now more than ever, clear communications are key for employees, customers, community partners, vendors and media outlets.

While your mental and physical well-being remain top priorities, take this ‘unprecedented time of challenge and uncertainty’ as a time to also refine your professional health.

Over the last few weeks, I have gathered many pearls of wisdom and key insights from top industry and corporate leaders and have curated a ‘best of’ list — IMO.

Top three questions

You may have had several fleeting thoughts run through your mind over the last few weeks. Move from general thoughts to a formal discussion of these questions:

  • What do we do?
  • What do we have?
  • What could we do?

Now, incorporate these answers into your business plan for the next six, nine or forever months. And, speaking of a business plan, when was the last time that was updated?

Channel your inner Marie Kondo

Similar to organizing your closet, garage or silverware drawer, you must also organize your business assets on a regular basis. Review logos, images, online listings, contact lists, website, social channels and more. Anything that represents your brand needs to be included in the audit process. While you are reorganizing and archiving assets no longer needed, now is also the time to outline new resources that you need. With a strategic lens, move forward with a creative refresh, updated copy, services offered, approach to work, etc. to stay relevant for today and for whatever tomorrow will bring.

Many companies are doing so already, and doing it well. Shout out to the restaurants that have quickly moved to takeout, curbside pick-up and delivery models. All while staying true to their brands and core values. When you need a little direction, refer to your mission statement as your compass.

Plan for the future. Identify growth opportunities.

No one has a crystal ball. Yet, planning for the future is an important exercise to stretch your creativity, embrace new and unknown challenges and uncover growth opportunities. When I launched Richeson Communications in 2010, I utilized several thought starters that helped shape the brand and its mission.  While the foundation is set, now is the time to revisit these topics with new perspective and experience:

  • What do you value?
  • What do you want to do?
  • What is your vision for the future?
  • What difference will you make?

Additionally, take that online webinar you have bookmarked for far too long. Read or listen to the professional development books you purchased yet have not started. Leverage all of the complimentary resources now readily available from associations, colleges and universities and libraries. Mix it up and add a new genre, a new topic or a whole new industry as it will spark your creativity to think beyond the old ‘normal.’

Out of scope vs. value-added services

Perhaps you find yourself taking on additional responsibilities these days. For example, I have written new policies and closure messages, provided extensive social media management, researched executive orders, assisted with furlough procedures and privately shouldered many weary and teary clients so they may continue to lead their teams. Are these services in a ‘public relations scope?’ Not necessarily, yet it’s the right thing to do and fulfils the answers to the top three questions previously noted. Case in point, look at the national spirit and brewing companies now making, and donating, hand sanitizer. This is a time to stretch our wings of help to provide value-added services. Better times are ahead and actions and relationships nourished now will be remembered and enhanced in the future. Helping your own business also helps your community.

Say thank you. A lot.

Thank your colleagues, your clients, your customers, the grocery store workers, everyone. We are all in this together, yet apart, and will hopefully be in a better place very soon. Find comfort in this time to reflect, reassess and respond. Take a moment to share inspiration, a creative idea, an important resource or a simple ‘thinking of you’ message.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with a favorite quote this week by Gabrielle Reece, volleyball legend and inspirational leader, “Stay safe and aggressive.”


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