Ring in the weekend: 5 spots for onion rings in Orlando

Jun 25, 2021 by Laura Category: In the News 0 comments

Commitment may or may not be your thing, but if you’re like me, you still want to go ring shopping.

No disrespect to fries, but I am an unapologetic fan of the onion ring. I like ‘em battered or breaded, on my burger or all by themselves. And as beautifully as they pair with a basic tuna sandwich, so, too, can they be served alongside top-shelf steaks.

“We always get quite the reaction from guests when they see these giant onion rings coming to the table,” says Andre Guillet, private dining coordinator at Christner’s Prime Steak & Lobster.

729 Lee Road in Orlando, 407-645-4443 christnersprimesteakandlobster.com

The batter, says Guillet, is the key.

“It needs to have just a hint of seasoning, so it doesn’t take away from the sweetness of the onion,” he opines. “And it needs to have a crispness and to stick to the onion itself, so you get all of the flavors in one bite.”

At Christner’s, they soak the onion rings in buttermilk before a dredge in lightly seasoned breading that Guillet says allows the onion to remain the star. You can order some as an appetizer, but what most folks don’t know is that for just $1.50 (a startlingly inexpensive upsell for a steakhouse!) you can order one colossal ring as an accompaniment to your steak.

“You won’t get more bang for your buck,” says Guillet.

We’re a few days past celebrating National Onion Ring Day (June 22), but a crisp basket of rings is always celebration-worthy.




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